Case Study

The Brief

We were tasked to create a travel app prototype for which we would illustrate images for cityscapes and icons.

Idea Generation

Mind Mapping - I began my idea process by putting my ideas out on paper in the form of a mind map. This really helped the flow of my thought process. I had so many ideas but narrowed it down, and decided to focus on local happy hour offers for travelers on a budget.


Market Research - What else is out there? I began my research by looking at apps that already exist in the market, my findings were as follows: No apps like this exist for Belfast. The apps I did find were for parts of England or America. I felt these apps were missing something visually, using only photos. Too much information on venue pages not enough visual aspects to the other apps.

Understanding the Problem

How can I improve what already exists?
By creating a better experience for the user, one that is more aesthetically pleasing, and providing the exact information they need and not over crowding content on the app.

The Solution

The idea was to design a mobile app to provide travellers with local happy hour information, and to create some beautiful illustrations of drinks and venues giving my application an artistic and creative twist in comparisson to what already excists on the market.

What information will I include?
I decided to have a short paragraph accompaning each venue then a list of offers and times accompanying the drink illustration on the drink offers page.

Challenges Met

I had never used Sketch or any other software for that matter to illustrate images. Pencil and paper paper are my go to, however I buckeled down and taught myself using online tutorials .

More Challenges Met

I had also never used invision but I was able to create prototypes of my app by using online resources.


If I were to start this project over I would dig a bit deeper in regards to research by maybe creating user surveys/questionaires. I would like to take more time to get to know the customer/user.


I feel the end product turned out well, and I achieved what I set out to do. I will definetly come back to this project in the future and continue to develop it further.