Case Study

The Brief

We were tasked with creating our own personal brand, this was to include a monogram, a word marque, and a visual mark.

Idea Generation

Market Research - What else is out there?
I began my research by looking for inspiration in the city, walking around looking at brands that already exist. Taking pictures of shop names, signs, logo's, billboards, and wall art. I then put it all into a digital moodboard. I created one for my monogram, word marque and visual marque. I also looked at magazines and and flyers and cut out any typography that caught my eye to create a paper moodboard.

Sketching Ideas

I began putting my ideas on paper by sketching out letter forms, later refining the ones I liked best.

Monogram Evolution

When I had decided upon my favourite monogram designs I used Sketch to digitise them. This gave me a much better idea of how the final product will look and made it easier to narrow it down.

Colour Palette

Deciding I wanted to try colour with my brand I began to research possible colour palettes, the larger palette is the final outcome for my brand.

Monogram Refinement

Adding and testing colour to my monogram really gave me some insight to what colour palette will work as my brand.

Visual Marque Evolution

Adding colour to my visual marque, I chose the lion to represent pride as I take pride in everything I do. However I later decided that this illustration was too detailed for a visual marque so I decided to use my monogram in replacement of this.

Word Marque Evolution

Here I tested out different font styles, I really liked Abril Fatface however I later decided it was too bulky for my brand. Finally I decided to go with Nunito, a simple, rounded , clean font which better represents my style.

Final Monogram

Having put all the aspects together this is my final monogram/visual marque. Over all I am very happy with the outcome.

Style Tyle

All the aspects of my brand together, Monogram/Visual Marque and Word Marque.